When you truly focus on the importance of finding the optimum beef burger, there is a plethora choices, from cheap and fast to slow and expensive. Ingesting such a meal lacks any savory aplomb, but works as a quick, tasty meal. Vegans, however, seem much more discriminating when it comes to where they choose to order their veggie burger from, seeking what the majority seek who make the conscious choice to change their diet or take care of their health. With this rubric in mind, plenty of regular burger consumers have chosen veggie burgers because they similarly seek this: simply, creative freshness.

Custom Vs. Pre-Made Meals

Read the menu at any restaurant and every item will come with some explanation regarding the ingredients of the serving that lands on your plate. Scrutinize any top-cabin choice of eateries, especially in New York, Seattle, or Los Angeles and your server will be able to list those that aren’t on the menu and give you a recommendation per your taste.

California Veggie Burger

If we were to hone in on greater L.A. area, we might choose Crossroads Kitchen at the corner of Melrose Ave. and North Sweetzer in Beverly Hills. Freshest of ingredients put together by scratch on fresh panini or whole grain bread made in their ovens might be said to make all the difference and explain the recent surge in popularity of the joint. The herbs are homegrown by the owner on two plots of land in the area, and a French baker helped create the original recipe of their baked mini-loaves, used for all the sandwiches served. Depending on your order, the price is around $15.00 per veggie burger, including truffle fries and a non-mayo slaw.

Seattle’s Veggie Burger

Rain City Burgers on Roosevelt St. in Seattle boasts the absolute best black bean burger, with a special chipotle sauce with the perfect blend of spice and smoke. They serve sweet potato fries on the side. $16.00 for the great food and the beautiful ambiance of the dining room is a true value as you gaze out their east wall made of glass at the rain.

New York Proper

New York at 9th St. serves up “tiny veggies” which are 1/3 the size of a regular veggie burger but they contain one of seven different sauces. You can order a plate of three at a time. They serve cheese veggies as well, and regular fries, but the potatoes are baked with virgin olive oil and garlic first, then flash-fried and spiced. They offer guacamole and dijon mustard as dips. $10-$13 per plate.