Given the fact that All-day Breakfast is the fastest-growing menu in popularity, the company is looking forward to celebrating one year since it was started. The company is making a major improvement to signify this achievement.

McDonald has been suffering over the past few years from severe competition. Its sales were lagging behind until they introduced the All-day breakfast menu. The menu has made revolutionary changes with sales coming back to their normal index once again. The company announced the debut of the chain in March 2016 and by October, it had introduced it in all its stores spread across the country. Many critics feel that the company is making an effort of bringing back its lost glory as the largest food chain in the country.

Like many other McDonald’s food chains, All-day Breakfast has received mixed reactions from consumers with some notable problems during its first year. The company aims to put to rest some of the problems that emerged by making some tweaks to the chain.

The company had to make some physical changes in its shops to accommodate the new menu. The menu, which is made up of egg muffins, cheese and Canadian bacon prompted the management to create more space for a new egg cooker, oven and other essential equipment. To prevent clashes in sales, McDonald pulled off it McWraps to give way for All-day Breakfast.

Let’s go back a bit to see how customers reacted to the new chain. As soon as the product was launched in McDonald’s outlets nationwide, customers began to respond with mixed intentions. Some wanted to have a new experience while others wanted to make some scrutiny and give their reviews on the product. Some stores initially feared that customers will choose other cheaper alternatives like Big Mac and Quarter Pounder. However, most of them went for the new chain. Most of them were adding a breakfast sandwich to it. According to sources from McDonald, the new chain brought new customers and strengthened several loyalties that have been dwindling recently.

Customers came between the main mealtimes to get their orders. According to Bonnie Riggs, an NPD analyst, the majority of the orders were made during lunchtime. It seems that All-day breakfast made a great impact on the company’s market presence. This is because the customer satisfaction rates rose significantly within a few months after it was launched. The company’s stock also rose. This shows the company’s intention of reclaiming its dominance as the largest supplier of burgers in the United States after several years of problems that saw it lag behind in sales. Americans who had resorted to eat at home due to the company’s low level of service delivery and hiked prices can now have a second thought.