The McDonalds’ take on a Do it Yourself burger has come and gone in certain chains. This fast food restaurant debuted their “Create Your Taste” option that allowed customers to make their own customized burger. However, McDonalds soon realized that their frequent customers like to stick to what they know– the original menu.

Custom Burgers Get Cut

McDonalds launched Create Your Taste in 2014. This option allowed guests to make their own burger with 30 different options like various ingredients sauces and buns. Create Your Taste had the potential to launch McDonalds burgers from fast food to a true culinary experience with their different toppings like caramelized onions, jalapenos, and guacamole, amongst other things.

McDonalds spent around a quarter of a million to bring “Create Your Taste” to customers in select cities. If this new direction took off with customers, “Create Your Taste” would become McDonalds’ “Signature Crafted Recipes”. However, over the past two years, these customized burgers didn’t do as well as the company hoped. These customized burgers were often too expensive for McDonalds customers and required too much preparation time for the restaurant staff.

Although the “Create Your Taste” options were axed at certain McDonalds chains, specific “Signature Crafted Recipe” burgers are still offered at specific locations. These custom burger trial runs helped McDonalds figure out how to bring customized burgers to the public in the the most efficient way. The “Signature Crafted Recipes” offer a more streamlined version of the “Create Your Taste” burgers that allow chains to offer a varied menu while keeping prices and the wait time down.

Back to the Basics

McDonalds will continue to carry their same signature menu with a few added burgers in the coming year. The chain will add two new Big Macs to their menu: the Mac Jr.  and the Grand Mac. The Macs will have the same structure as the original Big Mac but the Mac Jr. will have one beef patty and no middle bun, while the Grand Mac will have 1/3 of a pound in beef patties, along with a larger bun.

Following the “Create Your Taste” trials, McDonalds promises that 2017 will bring a return to their original recipes with minimal changes to their menu. Most customers visit McDonalds for the traditional, affordable meals that they have been purchasing over the years. While change can be good for a brand, customers have shown that the secret to McDonalds worldwide popularity and success is a consistent menu throughout all of their chains.