The legendary McRib sandwich returned for a limited time at participating restaurants. For enthusiasts who are looking far and wide, year after year; devotees who demonstrate their passion in the poem, the song, and petitions as well; and loyalists who stand on platforms from Twitter to the city council: Waiting is over.

Pork & Pepper Comeback Tour

Just in time for the holiday season, McDonald’s restaurants throughout Southern California take into account the wishes of the famously loyal and vocal fans McRib, returning favorite sandwich on November 21 after a two-year absence. The relentless campaign of fervent supporters, the McRib, along with popular collaborator Dr. The Pepper, hit the road to a long-awaited Pork & Pepper Comeback Tour, visiting Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, San Bernardino and Ventura counties.

McRib returned at participating McDonald’s restaurants for a limited time. Features McRib seasoned pork, McRib signature sauce, sweet, smoky, spicy, Western style barbecue sauce, dill pickles, and McDonald’s soft, fresh slivered onions served on a bun.

There are a number of new ways for fans to enjoy McRib return of their favorite season. Official McRib Finder app for iOS IMessage 10 is available to help customers quickly find and enjoy this celebrated sandwich.