The Shake Shack is one of the icons of the city of LA, and it has had a lot of nice dishes over the years that they have loved to serve to the community. They are now stepping out and doing something new. They wanted to be able to reimagine one of their best sellers, but they had to come together with two famous chefs to get this done. That is why they wanted to be sure that they could have the best chicken sandwich for the community. They have all these loyal customers, and they want to make all of then happy.

The Shake Shack has the Son of a Gun Chick N Shack sandwich that they want to use as their new version of the old classic. This is a lot of fun for them to serve because it is such a special thing to offer to the community. They wanted to get special people to help with this, and that is why they have gotten the famous Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo to help with the sandwich. These men have won the James Beard award before, and they are known all throughout the city for what they do. They want to be sure that they can bring something to the city that people will want.

The Shake Shack is going to start out in the original Madison Square Park location with this sandwich, and they will branch out as they see people coming in to get it. They want it to become the most impressive sandwich they have ever made, and they want to know that they can get something that is going to help them have a higher profile outside the city. People need to learn about this special place so that they can come there and try it at least once.

There are many people who already love the brand, and they want to be able to come in and see if they can get something new that they will fall in love with. There is nothing that says that these people cannot order the original and the new sandwich, and they will taste the developed flavors of two of the best chefs in the city. It is important that they have everyone come out to see this sandwich because it will be a new beginning for people who love in the Los Angeles area.