In an attempt to add a bit more creativity to the menu, Starbucks is allowing it’s employees to concoct their own original drink creations and share them with millions of customers in America. Though they’re already known for having their own “secret menu” among employees, they will now have the opportunity to share with all, possibly coming up with a new menu favorite.

The fabulous coffee chain has already allowed this in a way, as customers can mix and match any ingredients they wish, but this is a great way to come up with the next “it” coffee drink. No matter how funny the order may sound, customers have always appreciated the endless options. Obviously, not all creations will make a buzz- there are certain ingredients that should never mix but the fun in the creativity process is very intriguing. There have been special instances where a barista will find a good mix, and a branch of Starbucks will sometimes even use it for a limited edition drink.

But now, Starbucks is encouraging baristas to create the perfect drink. This is exciting news for Starbucks employees with hopes to create the next big drink on the permanent or seasonal menu.

The Fall season tends to cause a lot of buzz, thanks to fall flavors that can only be found this time of year. Since the introduction of almond milk and fall flavors such as pumpkin, there has been much excitement concerning the branches drinks. It’s the perfect time for baristas and customers to experience with new ingredients in creating the perfect new drink for the menu.

Having the “secret menu” come out helps customers to feel in the know and involved with the Starbucks process. Not only will the promotion bring in more business over the weekend, but it will allow their customers to feel like Starbucks is willing to concoct any drink for them. Customizing a drink makes paying more for the creation more feasible for many. In a short period of time, Starbucks will have tested hundreds of samples of drinks without having to do any of the creating which is a big perk for this corporation, as well.

Batista Originals is a promising way that Starbucks will discover their next money maker drink, while allowing their loyal customers to enjoy all sorts of fun and seasonal creations. This promotion will not only spike sales for a weekend and promise customers that they can create the drink of their dreams, but it might improve the relationships between baristas and customers as well.