There was much discussion recently of a supposedly secret “monkey style” available at In-N-Out Burgers. As a native Californian and big fan of the fast food chain, I was naturally very interested in a burger piled high with not only extra thousand island and pickles, but also yummy french fries. Unfortunately, after attempting to order this magnificent sounding meal, I was disappointed to learn that it is indeed a myth.

The confusion stems largely from the fact that In-N-Out has long allowed customers to order their burgers “animal style.” For the sandwich, this means extra sauce and pickles but the fries are where it gets really crazy. Animal style fries are smothered in melted american cheese, grilled onions, and thousand island. This may not make them the healthiest option but the flavor speaks for itself.

Animal style is certainly not a secret but it does not appear on the chains notoriously simple menu. For those who are not familiar, In-N-Out only provides customers with the 3 options. A number one, which is a simple hamburger. The number two is a cheeseburger and the final option is a so called “double double” meaning two patties covered in cheese. Thats it.

The simplicity of the menu is one of the things that has always attracted customers to In-N-Out and the quality keeps them coming back. Ordering animal style is a way for true fans and aficionados to show of their inside knowledge of the chain for the cost of a few hundred extra calories.

Animal style for the burger really just involves adding extra of ingredients that are already present. The fries are more complicated as it involves new ingredients and different preparation. This difference and the change it would require to operations is likely why you will never be able to order a meal “monkey style” at In-N-Out.

For a burger chain that prides itself on simplicity and producing quality food quickly, incorporating a new process into a streamlined production line adds time. Not only would customers be forced to wait even longer at each outlets notoriously long lines but the pricing would also have to be changed significantly. The company is not one that makes big changes quickly and the menu is a point of pride as well as important part of the business strategy, so don’t expect anything to change anytime soon.

However, if there is enough demand out there, businesses often try to respond over time. So, keep asking for monkey style, it doesn’t hurt and you may just end up getting it some day.